Large Foot Rest - "kitchen" island
Aluminum Truck Bed
Ladder - Wildlife Conservation
Base for Cross
Frame for Net  - Wildlife conservation - Bird
Countertop Support Brkt/Corbel
Corner Corbel Support Brkt
"Rope" Design on Corbel Support Brkt
Baptistry Railing
Raised Metal Lettering
Wrought Iron Securtiy door
Industrial Staircase
scrollwork for archway
Decorative Art for Niche - before powder coating
Artwork for niche for outside patio area after being fabricated, powder coated, and installed.
Artistic Downspout cover
Curved Fence Panel with  "Initial" Medallion
Rustic Free Standing Wood Heater
wrought iron handrail with brass rail cap and brass rosettes
close up of brass rail cap
Custom Handrails with custom detailed clubs and wreath with hand hammered rail cap before powder coating
"Headache Rack" for a  truck
Custom Headache Rack and Sides for truck
Custom Sign Bracket approximately 40" long
Stainless Steel Railing
Custom Strap Hinges
sample of nails used with strap hinge
Custom Pot Rack
vine railing for loft with scrolling library ladder
example of a rolling library style ladder
example 2 of a rolling library style ladder
Custom Window Bars
Contemporary curved rail - tight radius - with custom curled volute - railing shown  before powder coating applied
custom curled volute end - overhead view - before powder coating
Custom Patio Gate before Powder Coating
stainless steel table modification
Custom Sign Post
Custom Saddle display stand
20" Tall Decorative Letter with holes for mounting.
Large Musical Notes Project before power coating
Completed view of musical note project
Small Gate fabricated to fit at top of steps in between customer's existing railing on home.  Custom fabricated to blend in with customer's already existing fabrication on his home.
Small Patio Gate with lock
Wrought Iron Frame with cable railing
Custom Wrought Iron Gate.  Shown here before being powder coated.
Modified Birmingham Style Handrail with round collars and scrolled volutes.  Also seen here with cover shoes at the base of the posts, which hides the mounting hardware and creates a more finished look.
Wrought Iron Handrail with twisted pickets and Brass Rail Cap.
oriental yard design
Custom Wrought Iron  Cemetery Sign
Custom Wrought Iron mailbox holder which has scripture verse. It is shown here before painting..  Mailbox will be inserted in cutout.
Custom Base
Custom Wrought Iron Baby Bed
Custom ornamental iron pot rack with basket weave design underneath.
Rose Bowl Custom Sink Surround
Topiary Frame of lady golfing .  Shown here with ivy covering.
Custom wrought iron coffee table base with iron cattails and reeds/leaves.  Glass placed on top  to be able to view the cattails and the reeds.
Ornate Column Posts
Ornate Column Posts and Ornate Porch Header
Custom Mantel Brackets.
Custom Brackets under Fireplace Mantel
Wrought Iron Sign Post Frame
Decorative Scrolling that can be used to top a sign or perhaps a gate
Decorative post cap
Detail in decorative post
Custom Handrail with no pickets
Sign Frame for Restaurant Sign
Metal base fabricated for a rough hewn log that customer wanted to incorporate into a  rustic bench
Ornate New Orleans Style decorative posts and upper surround
Ornate Column post  and surround
Custom Arbor  fabricated.  Shown here after powder coating.
"Flower" rain deflector
Custom sink surround with roses
Custom sign post frame
Custom wrought iron table base
Large "Artistic Structure".  Will have light and suspend from ceiling.  The customer has chosen an old, rustic patina effect.
Large Metal Art Sculpture suspended from recessed ceiling
Custom Column Post
custom sink bowl surround
Rose detail in custom sink bowl surround
Custom Sink with custom sink surround.
Aluminum Brackets
Large oriental windchime
Laser cut sign
Custom Oriental Wind Chime
Custom Hose Reel
Three Tall Custom Rose Arbors.  Site still under construction.
Rose Arbors    Site still under construction
Another view of the 3 tall rose arbors.  Site still under construction.
This quail is part of a large address sign.  We plot this on computer via CAD and then send off to have cut out.
Custom fabricated pyramid post caps.
Vine Rail fabricated  with vines  or branches shown here  before powder coating.  Vines wrapped around post.
Vine rail installed in a garden environment.
Picture of one continuous wall rail that turns a corner.
Custom Signs    Designs are plotted on cad program and then sent out to be plasma cut and  powder coated.
Custom Wrought Iron Sink Stand, not powdercoated.
Custom Horse Stall Bars
Residential catwalk grate with handle and lift up door access.  also has ladder for access down into window well.
Custom Aluminum rail for a "widows walk" area above the front porch
Custom Aluminum rail for "widows walk" above the front porch has rosettes  on the exterior to add a decorative touch!
Custom Aluminum Railing
Custom Industrial Style Metal Staircase with accompanying Wall Rail
This rail features a scrolled under volute at the end of the rail cap.
Custom  table base for customer's wooden table top.  Table base has a foot bar incorporated into the base.
Ornate Column Posts and Surround much like "New Orleans style" ironwork
Custom door between aluminum fencing.
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Carthage NC 28327  910-949-2830

"Creative" Iron Ideas
Please click on gallery below and pictures will  enlarge .  Each picture  has  a picture number if you see a style that you wish to call us about.
Baptistry Railing
Raised Metal Lettering
Wrought Iron Cross.


After we fabricated arch, took to the powder coater for powder coating process.  All components are powder coated.
Wrought iron column post supports
Loading arch onto trailer
Arch support brackets and arch must be attached to wooden posts.  Posts must be "shaved" in order for bracket to fit and Wooden posts had to be cut to correct height.
Mounting Bracket to attach securely to top of wooden post
Wrought Iron Post  for each  Arch  Attached to mounting bracket
See Star ornamentation at  top of  iron column post
Everything must be checked for level
Arch with "crest" and  "establish" date
Back View of Arch
Front View of Arch - a beautiful "hilly" and historic view.  It has been said that Carthage is the city on a hill.